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K9Nation International, Inc.



Imagine a National Organization focused on:

ending the status quo that allows shelter killing of dogs and cats, wholesale cruelty, irresponsible pet owners, and commercial exploitation;starting a new paradigm in which our best animal friends live in harmony with mankind.

Imagine An Action Plan for bringing our pet overpopulation down to manageable levels through new, unprecedented, and nationally coordinated:

EducationRescue & AdoptionLegislationCertificationResearchSupport

Imagine Local Chapters, called "Kommunities" in towns and cities across America engaging the public in all of the above divisions.

Are you seeing Americans coming together at the local and national levels to make great changes that have been far too long in comming?

If so, please take a look at K9Nation. (You'll like what you see.)

Mission: K9Nation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to replacing the status quo of widespread cruelty and shelter killing of dogs and cats with a new paradigm of respect and empathy in which these animals may live in harmony with man without fear of abuse and unwarranted killing. To this end, our goal is a stabilized and manageable pet population arrived at through extensive citizen involvement at the national and local levels. K9Nation addresses underlying causes of pet overpopulation, and other welfare concerns providing leadership in effecting definitive solutions and a public voice of reform.
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