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Tarrant Literacy Coalition



The Tarrant Literacy Coalition works collaboratively with community and faith based literacy programs, empowering organizations to reach out to more students, recruit additional volunteers to provide literacy instruction, and improve the quality and content of literacy classes in an effort to reduce adult low literacy. The Coalition provides services including: training, technical support, classroom resources, student assessments, volunteer recruitment, student information and referral, new program mentoring, etc. In the past three years, the Coalition has worked with more than 400 different adult literacy instructors from more than 180 different literacy providers. The Coalition, through cooperative efforts with partner organizations, has paved the way for thousands of students to enroll in adult literacy programs, improve their employment standings, and successfully earn their GED credintials.

Mission: The mission of the Tarrant Literacy Coalition is to improve the quality and increase the quantity of adult literacy programs through collaboration with organized literacy providers and community partners in Tarrant and surrounding counties.
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