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The Saving Grace Alliance for Seniors



The Saving Grace Alliance is a non-profit organization created to respond specifically to Senior adults after disaster. Disasters can range from home fires that affect a single individual or a family, to tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes that can affect thousands. The idea of the Saving Grace Alliance came about after watching, over many years, how the public responded to the needs of Seniors after disasters. Appropriately, they opened their hearts to children and pets and many other facets of survivors, but no one seemed to be reaching out to our Senior community, specifically. Knowing well this facet of our population, and recognizing that there are different and significant needs for our Seniors, it was decided that Senior needs absolutely needed to be met, and Saving Grace stepped up to do just that. We function very much like the Red Cross, but choose to address the needs of the Senior population exclusively. After life altering events, and many different sorts of disaster, the Saving Grace Alliance can provide items that are specific to Senior needs. Our Senior population many times, has needs that aren't always readily available as donation items, such as canes, walkers, reading glasses, hearing aids and dietary supplements or personal care items for those who require them. The concept of the Saving Grace Alliance is an effort to empower Seniors and their families, and entire Senior communities when necessary, to get back on their feet after disaster.

Mission: The mission of The Saving Grace Alliance is to assist and restore members of our Senior population and to empower them to get back on their feet after disaster.
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