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Save Our Soldiers Now



Save Our Soldiers Now is the only non profit in America that has a patent pending that eliminates charity fraud. This is accomplished by having our veterans send in video tapes of themselves discussing their combat and service records that distinguish them along with what their goals are, that way we can create a specific plan for them to follow. We then verify the accuracy of their statements by their service records. We then place them on our web site, so that for the first time consumers will be able to log on to a web site with upto 23 million soldiers, knowing that each one has been vetted. After selecting the the soldier that they want to help they notify us of their selection, they then contact Wells Fargo, the cooperating bank on our project and send their donations to the bank . Wells Fargo will open an account under their name , and will disperse funds to the soldier they have selected upon instruction from the consumer. SOSN will make daily e-mail reports of the soldiers progress, to the consumer that way they will alwase know the status of their investment. This is how we are able to eliminate charity fraud by eliminating any third party from ever coming in contact with the consumers funds. This also allows us to create relationships for the first time between consumers and the men and women fighting for "THEIR FREEDOM". We all know that people will more willing help someone that they know, than someone that they don't know. Consumers will find friends and relatives that they had lost contact with, others will find friends that served with their relitives. These bonds will make not only our service stronger,but will also make our country stronger by showing possible recruites that they will be cared for, and their sarifices will be rewarded as the special people in America whose sacrefices and suffering  create freedom, every time they face our enemys and win. Americe would be  entirely differant without freedom.
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