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At Gift of Life Marrow Registry we believe every person battling blood cancer deserves a second chance at life — and we are determined to make it happen. We are singularly passionate about engaging the public to help us get everyone involved in curing blood cancer, whether as a donor, a volunteer or a student. It all begins with one remarkable person, one life-changing swab and one huge win — finding a match and a cure. The Gift of Life Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) enlists students like you for an opportunity to educate your community and peers about how you can make a positive impact on society with a very small act. By reaching out to your friends, professors, classmates and clubs you're involved in, you have the potential to speak with many more students than anyone sitting in our offices would. The Gift of Life Campus Ambassador Program offers students three different opportunities based upon their availability and other factors. We offer fellowships, internships and champion opportunities.

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