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The Human Development Company



A not-for-profit organization made up of volunteers from the fields of psychology, sociology, human development, teachers, educators, psychotherapsts, who are:

1. Creating school curriculum programs based on Emotional Intelligence that foster students personal growth, acedemic achievement and prevent bullying, suicides, substance abuse, depression, etc.

1A. Bringing similar programs to colleges for college students who are struggling with self-esteem and relationship issues.2. Creating and maintain partnership with other organizations and researchers in the fields of human development, education, psychology and psychotherapy. 3. Giving presentations at major conferences and universities, teaching the concepts and sharing research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the CT. 4. Producing articles for both academic and main stream publications. 5. Publishing a series of academic and popular books on the theory and its various applications - Parenting, Aging, Relationships, Personal Development, Marriage, Midlife crisis, Psychotherapeutic Interventions, Corporate Environment, etc. 6. Training counseling professionals in the theory and its applications at our Institute.

Mission: By working with parents, teachers, school administrations, colleges, psychotherapists, as well as couples and individuals we are working toward developing human beings' innate abilities necessary to reach their optimum potential.
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