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CANDi - Cats and Dogs, International



CANDi, Cats and Dogs International, was founded in 2006 by Darci Galati, an animal lover with more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

CANDi is the first and only animal welfare organization partnering with the travel industry to address the issue of stray cats and dogs, as well as the humane treatment of all animals at resort destinations.

CANDi helps resorts adopt humane programs and provide stewardship for animals living on and around the hotel grounds with the additional support of local humane partners, and international volunteers.

We believe the humane treatment of animals is a shared social responsibility between the travel industry, resorts, consumers, tourists and local residents. CANDi provides the tools, education and resources necessary to empower resorts and communities to take action and end the cycle of suffering for all animals, owned and stray.

CANDi’s unique expertise in animal welfare and travel has culminated into customizable services and programs for hotels and resorts to implement. The benefits include improving the lives of stray animals, while enhancing the vacation experience for tourists.

Some of CANDi's humane programs include; free spay/neuter clinics in resort communities, CANDi’s Cat Caf which provides safe havens for stray cats on hotel grounds, and rescue assistance to help transport strays adopted into loving homes in Canada and the United States, among other low- to no-cost programs.

Mission: CANDi’s mission is to save the lives of stray animals at international tourist destinations through spay/neuter, education, humane programs, rescue and other resources, in partnership with the travel industry.
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