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Community Plates exists as a platform for the rescue of healthy surplus food from the trash can, dumpsters and landfills it normally ends up to the places where it can make a difference for food-insecure families.

Hunger is not something many of us know much about. For most Americans, we eat when and where we want; our options are virtually unlimited. In addition, if we do think about hunger, we most often picture people in a land far away from where we live and our most familiar examples closer to home are people without homes and jobs. But hunger happens near us; it happens to families we know, to people with jobs and homes who are trying desperately to make life work.

A recent report states that 1 in 5 children, aged 5 and under are food insecure; meaning they are unable to consistently access the amounts of nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. Many of these children live in homes with parents who are working and doing their best but coming up short. Often parents in this situation are put in the position of deciding between putting gas in the car to go to work, paying the rent or buying food for their family. Our community partners serving these families state that as a result of the "new normal" our economy has produced, requests for meals and groceries are at an all-time high, while simultaneously donations (both food and fiscal) are slumping.

Community Plates would like to first open a window to see some of these people who live close to us and then provide a platform to make a difference in their lives. Families shouldn't have to make these kinds of decisions and don't have to go hungry. Children shouldn't worry about where their next meal is coming from.While food insecure people go hungry, according to numerous studiesAmericans throw away between 25 and 40 percent of our food supply. It happens in our homes, restaurants, stores and farms. CommunityPlates exists to get that surplus food from the trash can, dumpsters and landfills to where it can make a difference in shelters, soup kitchens, food banks and food pantries. This platform is a toolbox of information and we focus on training, technology, and coordination to make volunteering and donating as simple and effective as possible. We're not saying that ending unnecessary hunger in our communities will be easy, but we do believe that all of our small efforts when combined form something substantial

Mission: Our mission is to end food insecurity in the United States!
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CausesFood Insecurity, Hunger