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Mujer Virtuosa Ministries, Inc.



Workshops and Seminars: Conducts workshops, seminars and conference to provide information and education on topics related to common barriers to life transitioning as well as obtaining and maintaining employment.

Finance Cpability: Individual and family finance coaching and capability. Financial support to develop and manage your family's budget

Building Life Skills: helps individuals and families to develop their strengths and build new skills by giving them the knowledge, tools and trainings to make the right choices when dealing with life's challenges. As new job and life transitions, cultural adjustment; as well as, financial, families and personals struggle

Cultural Adjustment: offers support and guide for individual and families to have a sosft cultural adjustment and life transition. while they are learning the language and new country's lifestyle. We offer emotional support and counseling throughout the grieving process of family separation.

Mission: Mujer Virtuosa is an Evangelical Faith-based ministry; our mission is to provide emotional, social and spiritual support, education and connection for woman and families. The purpose of Mujer Virtuosa is to empower and help women and families to solve and/or cope with personal, family, social, and economical issues. To provide education and guideline for women and families to reach a successful, dignified and productive life developing a healthy interdependence relationship with themselves and their communities. To establish a connection between women and families by bringing them together to support one another. To build a community network with services and resources that are appropriate to individual and family needs.
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