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Lafayette Animal Shelter & Care Center (LASCC) is the municipal animal shelter serving the 2 and 4-legged residents of Lafayette Parish.  Our mission is to find protect and serve the citizens and animal of Lafayette Parish through community engagement and innovative methods to obtain harmony between the two. After introduction of the NoKill 2020 initiative in 2016, LASCC has successfully increased adoptions, implemented a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program for cats, increased rescues, and decreased euthanasia rates. The shelter has increased its save rate of 52.88% in 2016 to a successful No Kill status save rate of 90.3% in 2020. Community support as well as partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as Wildcat Foundation/SpayNation and Acadiana Animal Aid have been instrumental in obtaining and maintaining a No Kill status. The shelter looks forward to its new facility coming soon in 2021.

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Just submitted my request to join the loving family that is the Lafayette animal shelter and give these loving animals a chance to be loved and show that not all people are cruel. I see this as a great opportunity to help and care for these wonderful animals.
Thank you for your interest in Volunteering at the shelter. You will soon receive an email that you are approved. You then will sign up on Give pulse to attend the next Orientation date ,link will be attached. Next Orientation is scheduled for Saturday July 9 th at 12 pm. We are located at 410 N Dugas Road Lafayette, LA 70507 We are open Monday to Friday 8-4:30 ,Every Saturday 12-2pm,Volunteer opportunities are available during these hours. — Lynn Bourque Lynn Bourque on June 30, 2022
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Looking forward to volunteering
Just submitted info to be approved. My teenager and I are interested in volunteering during the Holiday. Hope to hear from you soon!
I would like to do all of the above. This will be a really great opportunity for me and the animals.
We can't wait to have you. — Lynn Bourque Lynn Bourque on December 3, 2021
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Please visit OUR WEBSITE AT the Volunteer application, then once approved you will receive a response and that will allow you to sign up for orientation.
All of the above opportunities sound great! Our students look forward to scheduling the volunteer opportunities. Please contact me for assistance how best to proceed.
Thank you