C.D. Doyle Student Clinic



The CD Doyle clinic is a medical and nursing student run clinic that operates on Sunday afternoons at the Trinity Center in Downtown Austin. The CD Doyle Clinic has an open door policy, that provides services to any individual that comes through the doors regardless of insurance, ID, or residency. With the guidance of interested faculty and attending physicians the clinic is student directed.

While the clinic strives to serve individuals who do not have insurance, we are also happy to see patients who have insurance, but are unsure of where to go, or are waiting for a clinic appointment at another location.

Our medical services primarily works to address acute needs, such as infections and wound care, however we also have some ability to help people access medications for high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition we provide screenings for individuals who are interested in checking their blood sugar or blood pressure. Besides these services we also work to help patients determine what long-term medical options are available to them, initiate clinic/social service referrals, and provide education on community resources and instructions on how to apply to MAP.

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Summer 2014 Volunteer selection will begin in May 2014.
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