North Mississippi Mammal Rehabilitation



NMMR, Inc. is a state permitted, wildlife mammal rehab and rescue group, located in north west MS. NMMR is a 100% volunteer ran organization of trained rehabbers, that cares for our states wildlife in need, out of our own homes. Each year we admit hundreds of injured and orphaned mammals into our care and we depend on donations to operate and fulfill our mission to rescue, rehab, and release our states precious wildlife, back to the wild. Our volunteers are wholeheartedly committed to our purpose. Each successful release plays a vital role in preservation and conservation of wildlife mammals here in our state. Our group also offers free education to our surrounding communities through social media outlets, our wildlife emergency call line, and in person when requested. Our services stretch over 11 counties and every attempt is made to provide these valuable services for our wildlife, and for anyone needing assistance with co-existence, emergencies, and species specific education. 

To volunteer, please call our hotline: 662-469-1646

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