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The Athens Area Humane Society rescues and protects companion animals by providing for their wellbeing, uniting them with loving homes, and advocating for a compassionate society.  Volunteers play an essential role here. You help us care for the animals and the environment in which they live so they stay healthy and adoptable, which is our number one goal! 

To start volunteering, please sign up for the Volunteer Orientation first. After the orientation, we will schedule a couple of more training sessions. Once you're finished training, we will get you signed 
up to volunteer! :)

Another goal is to have volunteers sign up for regular shifts if possible, whether it's weekly or bi-monthly, and commit to at least 8 hours a month volunteering. We ask that you help with just one area - dogs, cats, shelter support -  in the beginning. (Surgery support is on a brief hold right now.) This way you become familiar with the area you are helping in.  If you'd like to switch out after a while, then that would be fine of course!  

One thing we are asking our volunteers now is to help with some cleaning which involves everything from cleaning kennels, sweeping/mopping, and taking trash out to washing food bowls and laundry. If we can all pitch in and do a little, we will have a lot more time to spend with the dogs and cats! I know that's the main reason you are here! We want and need you to spend time socializing and interacting with them, which in turn make them happier, which then makes them more adoptable! ❤️🐶🐱❤️

Thanks again SO MUCH!!  😊

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Hi Holly! Thanks so much for Saturday's orientation! You were so kind to me when I felt weird! Alex really enjoyed being at the Humane Society and getting to see all the animals!! We'd love to come volunteer. Any chance we can come this week, one afternoon after school? Alex has some volunteer hours to fulfill before the end of her quarter. Do we need to sign up under Shelter Support Volunteer, since we have not done any training sessions? Thanks again, and thanks for all the work you do with the cats, dogs, and humans:). It's clear you put a lot of love into your work. We look forward to spending time at the Humane Society!