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The Precious Nwachinemere Foundation is Creating Successful and Healthy Communities. The founder of this 501c3 is Dr. Urenna Onyewuchi, who has been responsible for leading teams of kind-hearted world-changers globally to increase the quality of life of people living in low-income communities in the United States of America and in Africa. Through her work, connected to the foundation, she has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed funding to African entrepreneurs from US funding agencies.

Our goal is to be the leading funding, research, reform and policy organization that:
1. Transforms low-income communities from communities that need aid to self-thriving communities that attract tourism and domestic/global business opportunities by developing and implementing the optimal education and workforce development model for low-income communities,
2. Reduces the occurrence and impact of domestic violence against women and children, and
3. Exposes and educates legal and judicial systems on bias and strong lack of empathy.
We cannot do this without volunteers. Dr. Onyewuchi volunteered more than 1000 hours a year for a few years to get her Africa project fruitful and sustainable, and continues to impact corporations and non-profits around the world.

Volunteers will also help the foundation raise funds to accomplish its goals. Your work as a volunteer will
1. Increase confidence of residents of low income communities including assertiveness and defense of women domestically and in the community through appropriate lifestyle trainings and certifications,
2. Drastically reduce corruption through ethics trainings and certifications,

Volunteer opportunities include: content creation, newsletter campaigning, social media marketing, SEO, fundraising, community education, and grant writing.
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