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The Arts of Humanity



The Arts of Humanity is a 501(c)3 organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, The Arts of Humanity CARES about developing young humanitarians via the study, practice, and observation of creativity, action, responsibility, empathy, and selflessness. This mission is accomplished via a strategically developed and engaging curriculum, partnerships, and creative volunteer outings.

Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete, the signature fundraiser for The Arts of Humanity, is an annual, high quality, entertaining, and innovative awards show that honors humanitarian achievements in the fashion and arts communities. The recipients of the FAHF Humanitarian Award use their talents, profession, and creative skills to advance humankind and special, non-partisan causes. Past winners include LaTanya Hubbard of Designing for Sickle Cell, Diana Long of Urban Art Retreat, Cece and Melinda with Raymi Productions, and Mitch Pennell of Chicago Lost and Found.