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Friends of Patients at the NIH



The NIH is the nation's medical research body and a world leader in health and medical research with the mission of improving health through scientific discovery. The NIH Clinical Center is the world's largest hospital devoted entirely to research.

Each year more than 7,000 patients are admitted to the NIH's Clinical Center and another 73,000 outpatient visits are conducted. These patients, from around the world, play a vital role in the study of human health and disease.

Friends of Patients at the NIH makes a positive difference in the lives of patients facing serious medical diagnoses and the financial problems that often follow. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, Friends at NIH helps patients avoid losing their homes, having their utilities cut, and their car, home, and health insurance canceled because of financial crises triggered by illness and medical treatment at the NIH Clinical Center.

Mission: Friends of Patients at the NIH (formerly FOCC) is a private, non-profit, charitable organization that provides emergency financial, logistical and social support to patients while they are receiving groundbreaking and life-saving treatments at the NIH Clinical Research Center.
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