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The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization supporting the career development of young Hispanic women. The foundation fosters the academic excellence of these young women as a critical first step toward successful 21 st century careers, primarily in science, technology, and engineering. The foundation supports these Hispanic women through mentoring, academic and career programs that start their future today.


Alcanzando Metas envisions a future filled with Hispanic/Latino women contributing to progress in science and technology while at the same time mentoring and coaching the next generation of young women.


The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a Hispanic/Latino organization dedicated to furthering the needs of young Hispanic/Latino women. In performing its mission, Alcanzando Metas adheres to the values of its Hispanic heritage:

1. Family: the foundation works with close attention and support to family relationships.

2. Cooperation: the foundation strives to share information and resources fairly.

3. Adaptability: the foundation performs its mission in a diverse setting with varying needs and perspectives.

4. Communication: the foundation holds communication as key to solving differences in understanding.

5. Work Ethic: the foundation demonstrates the value of getting work done on time and on target.

6. Respect: working in a diverse setting, the foundation embraces respect for all individuals.

Mission: The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization set up to foster the academic excellence of young minority women. The Foundation's mission is to foster academic excellence in mathematics, science, and technology for the advancement of young minority women; with priority given to English language proficiency as it impacts academic progress.
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