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Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement, Inc



Twenty First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) empowers and mobilizes Africa’s youth through employment in agriculture, ecotourism, entrepreneurship, and the arts. It is currently tackling Sierra Leone’s post-civil war youth unemployment challenge by developing the talent and skills of 14-35 year olds through education and training to move them away from poverty toward self-sufficiency, while building economic stability, community prosperity - pillars of social progress and long-term peace.

Our focus is to r espond to the huge unemployment and inactivity facing the vast majority of youth in Sierra Leone, a reality that reflects the African youth experience. AYM plans to expand its country-level support in Liberia, Ghana, and Gambia by the end of 2014.

Mobilizing Africa’s unemployed and underemployed youth is the key to the continent’s economic growth and stability. AYM works to mobilize marginalized youth through education, training, and creates entrepreneurial opportunities to help move communities away from poverty, disease, and hunger. AYM aims to establish personal empowerment and community resilience by energizing its critical youth population as change agents to reverse social and economic stagnation.

Mission: Our mission is to educate and employ youth in agribusiness, ecotourism, green technology, and the creative arts to revitalize the country’s potential and bring its people social and political stability.
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