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United States Healthful Food Council



USHFC is expanding their REAL Certification program in the San Francisco Bay area as well as several other major metropolitan areas across the US.

REAL Certification is designed to be a trusted, nationally recognized mark of excellence for restaurants and other foodservice establishments committed to nutrition and sustainability, with the REAL logo serving as a beacon to consumers seeking healthier food.

REAL utilizes a point-based certification program, which is implemented with the assistance of independent, third party Registered Dietitians. The examination process is thorough and includes menu analysis, invoice verification, on-site inspection, interviews, and supply chain review.

Mission: The USHFC’s mission is to revolutionize how and what Americans eat by partnering with foodservice operators and altering the foodservice industry’s incentives to provide more healthful and sustainable food and beverages. Consumers will reap direct health benefits, will be better educated about nutrition, and will recondition their eating habits over time.
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