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Founded in 1970 by students, The Environmental Center is the nation’s longest-standing, largest, and most accomplished student-led center of its kind—and one of the six original CU student government centers.

The Environmental Center leads locally and globally by providing a variety of direct services and expertise to the campus community and beyond including:  zero waste, sustainable transportation, energy and water conservation, climate, social justice, renewable energy programs, sustainability training, and educational events.  The Environmental Center, recognizing that diversity and broaders social justice initiatives are key components of sustainability, strives for diversity, inclusivity, and social justice in our staff, all programs, activities and outcomes.

  • Professional staff: 14 FTE
  • Student staff: > 130
  • Volunteers and interns: > 400 in a typical year
  • Facilities & Infrastructure: UMC (offices), Bike Stations (2), Recycling Operations Center, two all-electric trucks, rental bicycle fleet
  • Student fee budget: ~ $1 million
  • Transportation student administrative fee budget: ~ $6 million

Our Mission

Established in 1970, the student-powered Environmental Center has evolved its leadership from advocacy to launching cutting edge techniques to expanding partnerships with campus and community organizations and, increasingly, to an innovative focus on student engagement. Our mission is to catalyze and facilitate sustainability culture and practices for the campus. Striving for environmental conservation, social equity and economic vitality, the Environmental Center’s continuing purpose is to:

Innovate: We spark and foster entrepreneurship opportunities for students, staff and the campus.

Educate: We offer educational and applied learning opportunities for campus and community.

Empower: We provide a platform for student leadership, engagement, and inclusion with increasing allignment with and service to underrepresented students and groups.

Collaborate: We cultivate and deliver sustainability programs and services with campus and community partners.

Our Values






Health & Wellness

Sustainable Development Goals
1,149 People | 683 Impacts | 2,011 Hours

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