UTSA Volunteer Organization Involving Community Education and Service (VOICES)


VOICES is the sponsored student organization for service at UTSA.

The purpose of VOICES:

  • To provide both on and off campus volunteer opportunities to students, faculty, and staff at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).
  • To develop the leadership skills of students.
  • To develop students' sense of altruism and civic responsibility so that they will continue to be agents of social change within their communities after graduation.

Mission Statement

VOICES shall be both a clearinghouse and a service organization for students, faculty and staff interested in volunteer projects and programs.  As a clearinghouse, VOICES shall provide the UTSA community access to information on non-profit agencies within the San Antonio area that provide volunteer opportunities.  As a service organization, VOICES shall plan and implement programs and projects throughout the school year that introduce the UTSA community to a variety of meaningful volunteer experiences.  Membership is not required to participate in programs or projects sponsored by VOICES.

“March with VOICES towards a better future through effective community education and service.”

1,444 People | 6,292 Impacts | 13,945 Hours




I just wanted to introduce my organization. I am a fellow alum and have been working with UTSA VOICES for a few years now. This is our first time on Givepulse. We would like to affiliate with your department. Check out our volunteer opportunities for October https://givepul.se/9li8g