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Looking for an opportunity to change a young person's life and make a positive impact in our community? If you can commit to 4 hours each month we have the perfect opportunity for you - Mentoring! To be a mentor, you don't need any special skills--just an ability to listen, offer friendship, guidance, and encouragement to a young person growing up in today's world. You'll be amazed by how much you'll get out of the experience by encouraging our at risk youth.

Southwest Key Youth Mentoring Program is currently recruiting adults looking to share their time and talent encouraging positive outcomes for Travis County Youth. The Southwest Key Youth Mentoring Program serves as a continuum of care that provides mentors for youth between the ages of ten (10) and seventeen (17) years. Our mentoring program works specifically with at risk youth from under-resourced areas throughout the county. The goal of the program is to establish and support mentoring relationships that have a long-lasting, positive impact on each participating youth.

We look for mentors that are not judgmental and who are patient with kids, knowing that our mentees have a lot of stresses and challenges in their lives. Many of the young people we work with have experienced more let downs than dreams in their lives, and may be slow to open up with their mentors. We believe that the consistency and kindness offered by our mentors can open up new opportunities for our youth to dream again, while also providing the encouragement and tools to begin making those dreams a reality.

We try to match mentors with mentees that have similar interests and/or reside in the same part of town. Boys are matched with male mentors, and girls are matched with female mentors. All mentors must pass a background check, a motor vehicle record check, and must provide references.
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