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Future of Hampton Roads Inc.



Hampton Roads will be a place that enjoys the benefit of an innovative political union invested with the power to represent effectively the citizens of the entire region on issues of common interest.
The Future of Hampton Roads, Inc. is a nonpartisan, apolitical organization that was founded in 1982 by a group of Hampton Roads community leaders who were committed to improving the quality of life for the citizenry of Hampton Roads currently and into the next century.Recognizing the undeniable benefits of regionalism, The Future of Hampton Roads, Inc. has as its mission to encourage, support, and sustain activities and other organizations which promote regionalism; and to work toward achieving the vision of a political union representing the region.

The Future of Hampton Roads. Inc. will:
1. Identify resources, issues and problems amenable to regional development and solution.
2. Provide the institutional knowledge and experience to assist regional endeavors, that improve the quality of life of the area’s citizens, especially broad community-building activities in economic development, education, culture, and professional sports.
3. Serve as a clearinghouse for information about regional activities and organizations, continue to be the source of extensive community knowledge, and be properly informed to determine the appropriate positions to take and initiatives to pursue.
4. Encourage members to be actively involved and provide leadership in other organizations whose missions are supportive of improving the region’s economy and quality of life.
5. Create opportunities to develop and enhance leadership in the region by identifying and serving as mentors to individuals who will move into leadership positions with a commitment to become involved in community-building activities beyond the immediate scope of their day to day responsibilities.
6. Develop and sustain relationships with the news media and opinion makers of the region and nation to encourage fair and positive references to Hampton Roads, and promote Hampton Roads as the name of this region.
7. Seek out creative opportunities to diversify and expand the region’s economy through business and professional associations, and act as ambassadors in dealings with others located and doing business outside Hampton Roads.
8. Identify organizations and elements in the community whose actions impede or could more effectively achieve regional goals, and thoughtfully and discreetly challenge them to realize their community’s expectations.
9. Serve as an action agency for regional initiatives when no other organization can or will pursue such initiatives.
10. Encourage and support processes which can result ultimately in the creation of an innovative political union of the constituent jurisdictions composing the region of Hampton Roads.
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