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Brenham Pet Adoption And Care Center



Why We Serve

Animal/Family Interaction

The new facility is being designed with room for growth, with a friendly environment for animal and family interaction.

Healthier Animals

Areas to run, play, and medically care for these animals allows for healthier pets available for adoption. Triage rooms, recovery rooms, and quarantine rooms keep disease transference to an absolute minimum.


At the new Brenham Pet Adoption and Care Center, a key proponent will be to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Partnerships with independent animal care providers will allow opportunities for programs between children, adults, and seniors, changing the way people think about animals for the better.

Public Health

Without an Adoption and Care Center, our community would see an increase in rabies due to the number of feral cats and dogs. Other diseases carried from animals to humans would also rise with the added population, like worms, fungal infections, parasites, and E.coli.

Dignity and Respect

Without this new Care Center, euthanasia rates would drastically increase simply because of a lack of space to care for these animals and time for adoptions. Man has domesticated these animals... we have a responsibility to care for them!
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