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I'm from San Francisco and Lake Tahoe California and was an active medical patient. Originally born in Plano I took a road trip back to Texas, while on the road I was stopped and obtained a felony for possessing what the state of California considers to be my medication. I have been a strong activist for a couple years now and would love to volunteer and help out as much as I possibly can! thank you!
-Dylan Tarver (piguitar@icloud.com)
I am looking to volunteer, am going to be at hemp hour Wednesday to try and get involved!
New to DFW. Moved from Austin. Have not have time to get down to any meetings here want to though. Hopefully there can be meetings at different spots? Way up in McKinney and Downtown/arlington/ect is quite a drive, especially with traffic. Just a suggestion. Keep strong and fighting and hope to see the group soon.
I would love to be apart of this group!!! I'm sure we all can agree how serious and the impact this group has on everyone and I love the energy! I belong here and I would love helping contribute!
Willing on Doing whatever it takes to become a Member to the Dfw Norml group :) I had fun on the 2 of may in downtown ft worth at the rally
I guess I need to be trained before I sign up for anything. I signed up for Norml at the 420 party at J Gilligans. I am ready to do my part whatever I can do. I guess a should have came to hemp hour Wendsday to be trained. Can I do it at the monthly meeting? Anyway I am here and I am ready. Just let me know what I can do. Don't want to sign up for anything until I am properly trained though so I guess I will wait till after Saturday
Just joined what's up
Wednesday night is fast approaching, anyone interested in being a trained volunteer, this coming Hempy Hour is the prefect night to make that happen!
REMINDERS: *Wednesday nights is the best night for new volunteers to get trained before a large event. Which is a must, trust me.
*If you are unable to help at an event you registered to work please let me know by calling or messaging me on givepulse.
Thank you to for signing up for givepulse.com, it is starting to make things much more efficient.
Great job representing at Deep Ellum Arts Festival today Loretta and Adam! :)
I Want To Volunteer :) :)