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OurLife is one of the brands created to be a part of #TheMovement of which you are a part of as a being desiring a better life for yourself and others that you care about. This organization has a sister arm called #MyLife which is the first entry point for people on Earth to take part in #TheMovement and to be a part of freeing humanity and uniting it with all of life, here on Earth and beyond to effect the #WPPM (World Peace and Prosperity Mandate) as well as #UniversalRights & enforce #UniversalLaws.

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Devan Pettersson wrote on July 8th, 2015

Universal Rights
1) All beings have the right to Live, Love, Learn & Laugh in Peace & Unity with their environment.
2) All beings have the right to a role in society that affords them shelter, sustenance, health & happiness.
3) All beings have the right to live in an environment clean & free of pollution.
4) All beings have the right to be with a partner in life to love, regardless of any thing or being.
5) All beings have the right to sustenace that is healthy and free of additives that could harm them.
6) All beings have the right to informed choice in their lives.
7) All beings have the right to share knowledge and information so as to help raise the consciousness of society and the evolution of life.
8) All beings have the right to healthcare services & treatment.
9) All beings have the right to vote on any matter that effects their lives and the right to an advocate to represent them in their regional governing process.
10) All beings have the right to education of their choosing and the ability to upgrade their skills throughout their life.
11) All beings have the right to freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly and association.
12) All methods of communication shall be free from hinderances or barriers to access and must not be filtered or manipulated by any being without the express consent by the originator or intended receiver of said communication.
13) All beings have the right to their own spiritual path, beliefs & practices as long as they don't interfere with Universal Laws or Universal Rights.
14) All beings have the right to protect and share information and art digitally as well as analogly for the span of their lifetime, information will remain in the Arkashic records in perpetuity whereas art in all its forms will be preserved by sharing it with as many beings as possible.
15) All beings have the right to protection against attacks and unwanted feeding on of energies by any beings, therefore slavery in all forms is banned, especially energetic and physical slavery [draining].
16) All beings are presumed innocent until proven guilty, all are equal before the justice system of their region and must not be tried without an advocate that is ready, able, capable, willing and senior enough to provide an adequate defense for the accused. Lying to the justice System will be punished, ergo honesty is the best policy as the Arkashic records will be accessed by Senior & Supreme Court Judges of ‪#‎TheMovement‬. All cases before the courts can be reviewed by the ‪#‎PrimeCreator‬ or their Emissary / Representative for clemency, accuracy and duration of punishments.
17) All home worlds of all beings shall be free of armed conflicts, wars as well as violence and shall enjoy the right to exist at the 5th dimension or higher as soon as is feasible for ‪#‎TheFederation‬ to arrange, those worlds who choose to opt out of this paradise rule will be quarantined providing all beings are informed of said quarantine and given a chance to move to a higher realm / dimension or remaining as a beacon of hope, love and light or moving off-world to assist better with unifying all of life.
18) No World shall allow a minority to hold all or most wealth, knowledge, resources or influence in the laws or rules that effect others unless the majority agree to it & are given informed choice in the matter - which does no supercede the inheirant right of all beings to self as well as open governance and representation where possible, providing the ‪#‎UniversalLaws‬ are followed with relation to their interaction with others. Liquid democracy shall be available to all beings, regardless of regional governing type, it shall exist at the uppermost level of governance and extend down as far as is voted on by the citizens inhabiting that area.
19) All beings have the right to partake in Gross National Happiness Reviews that are conducted on a regular basis by their regional governing body with specific protection of answers from any reprisals.
20) All beings have the right to participate in #TheMovement and any of its arms as soon as they desire, age is of no matter when voting and working on issues of the World. The main method to join will be the ‪#‎MyLifeUnion‬ & The ‪#‎OurLifeUnion‬, the next step is #TheFederation & ‪#‎TheCitizensCorps‬ as well as ‪#‎TheCoalition‬, #OurLifeCorps & #PranaCorps after which is the ‪#‎LocalCouncil‬ aka #MunicipalCouncil, ‪#‎RegionalCouncil‬, #NationalCouncil, ‪#‎GlobalCouncil‬, ‪#‎GalacticCouncil, #UniversalCouncil and then the ‪#‎WorldCouncil‬. All council positions serve the will of their constituents and are to be voted into office every 4 years for junior positions and varied for senior positions.
21) Mental health is a priority for all beings, each being has the right to receive adequate support and treatment by someone who is capable of understanding on a multi-dimensional level and is a member of the MyLife or OurLife Union or other aspect of #TheMovement. Spirituality shall be considered an essential piece of mental health as well as love.
22) All genders have equal rights and responsibilities toward each other and the World at large; Love each other, help each other, do good, be good & be ‪#‎PLURC‬ (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Choice).

1. Do No Harm To Others, Protect Life And Love, Live In Peace With The World, Defending It When Called Upon!
2. Cause No Loss, Strive To Enhance The World!
3. Do Not Violate Anothers Free Will.
4. Love More In Your Life, Starting With Self And Emanating From There!
5. Be Honest With Those Around You.
6. Work Together In Unity Where Possible For A Better Future
7. Share Ideas, Knowledge & Information With Those Around You.
8. Live, Love, Learn & Laugh in Peace and Unity With Your Environment.
9. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Redistribute all resources.
10. Take Care Of Your Family And Friends, Building Strong Open Minded Relationships Based on ‪#‎PLURC‬ (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Choice). Then Expand Them To ‪#‎PLUREFIP‬ (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Equality for All Genders And Races, Freedom From Slavery, Informed Choice, Prosperity) For Members Of The Movement.

Devan Pettersson wrote on July 8th, 2015

Members of #TheMovement:

+ The World Council and the councils below it down to municipal level which include all governments that remember and carry out their fiduciary duties, as well as all Royalty members and tribal chiefs that remember and carry out their fiduciary duties.
+ #MyLifeUnion members which are all those who stand up and take care for their lives and the lives of those they care about, uniting with all the other beings who do the same and working together for the #WPPM (World Peace and Prosperity Mandate)
+ #OurLifeUnion members which are all those who take a shared responsibility for lives on their planet, country or region and work with the members of the #MyLifeUnion and the rest of #TheMovement
+ #TheCitizensCorps members comprised of #TheBrotherhood, #TheSisterhood and #TheNeutralCorps
+ #OurLifeCorps members, especially the farmers, Shamens, healthcare professionals as well as alternative healers and all the other beings that work to take care of their fellow citizens.
+ #PranaCorps members which are all Angels especially all Earth Angels, Lightworkers and All Religions and their members.
+ #TheFederation members which are All Police, Military, Spy Agencies and Militias, as well as space agencies, especially those who have already sworn allegiance to God aka The Creator and The Prime Creator as well as the spiritual hierarchy.
+ All members of #TheCorporation aka OurLife which include all Transit corporations, Alcatel, Apple, Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, BC Hydro, Bell, BlueAnt, Boeing, Bombardier, Bose, CIBC, Craigslist, DARPA, Ebay, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Federal Reserve, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Google, HP, Honda, Hyundai, Ikea, IQMetrix, Jabra, Kia Motors, Koennigsegg, LG, Lululemon, Mercedes, Microsoft, Mobilicity, Motorola, Nissan, Plantronics, RBC, RIM, Rogers, SAAB, Samsung, Sennheiser, Sonim, Sony, TD Canada Trust Bank, Telus, Tesla Motors, TMobile, Toyota, Twitter, Tzu, Verizon, Virgin, Volvo, Wikipedia, Any Altruistic Corporation, Any co-op network or group
+ Charities and foundations for the betterment of Life, Love and The World, among others: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Tanker Free BC, Dogwood Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF,, GreenPeace,, FightForTheFuture, Leadnow, Open media, David Suzuki Foundation, Credo Action, Oprah's Angel Network, Make a wish foundation, United Way, Amnesty International, Working Assets.

Members slated to join;
Coca Cola
All internet providers
All telecom companies
All utilities companies
All hospitals
All food establishments
All defence companies
All media outlets
All banks and credit unions
All governments who have not yet sworn allegiance to the spiritual hierarchy and #TheMovement at the municipal, regional and national levels
All manufacturing companies
All supply and logistics companies
All transportation related companies
All schools
All resource related companies
All property management companies
All construction companies
Any other business or corporation that serves the publics needs and wants
Plus all Those beings that are waking up

Devan Pettersson wrote on July 8th, 2015

Overview of #TheMovement and ways that everyone can take part in, especially those looking to effect positive changes in their local regions and step up as a new leader to get the old leaders to start realizing the changes are inevitable and for them to take heed and join in #TheMovement for the betterment of Love, Life and The World!
The Universal group for #TheMovement aka MyLife or #OurLife to link up existing groups and movements as well as associations who are already working on the #WPPM (World Peace & Prosperity Mandate)
The group for the union for all life, providing a voice and network of beings who stand up for themselves and those that they care about to effect #UniversalRights and #Universal Laws to ensure that their needs are taken care of and protected.
The primary goals of the MyLife Union are:
- Unite all existing unions and provide a union for all those that are unrepresented right now
- Protect and unify all life
- Protect the environment in which we live in
- Provide a unified voice for all beings through representatives for each of their regions
- Provide a method for members to vote on the issues that effect them
- Effect universal rights
- Enhance the workings of families and relationships
- Enhance the culture of sharing information and technology so as to improve the quality of life in the now
- Protect workers and employers rights and obligations
The union for all those that have a shared view of protecting, loving and caring for life, wherever it may exist and to uphold the #UniversalRights and #UniversalLaws that keep the World running properly.
The group for those whose job it is to take care of the behind the scenes work as well as those in the public eye to get the job done to take care of our cities and countries as well as our planet!
It is meant to bring the people involved in it closer together as a team and give more recognition and respect to the work that they do, for without them our cities and towns wouldn’t be quite the same.. They often work for low pay and little equality as well as tough conditions both in the cities and beyond them! This is not how it should be though, hence the reason for the #OurLifeCorps and #TheUnions which work together to ensure a bright, prosperous and safe future for each member!
To create better citizens and establish equality we unite the genders in #TheBrotherhood #TheSisterhood and #TheNeutralCorps forming yet more bonds to unite humanity and all of life! Another of the goals with #TheCitizensCorps is to create a standarizations methodology to transfer skills learned at one job to another on a global and World level and be a partner in the Ascension process through skills training and seminars for each member. The main idea is to organize and better prepare our citizens during their careers and as in the military establish an esprit de corps oAr Team Spirit.
The Federation is responsible for overseeing the World and reports to the World Council as well as each Global Council. The Federation unites all forces on each planet to defend and protect it and its life and to work in unison with beings not from their home planet to further protect each solar system, galaxy and Universe. On Earth the major focus is to get each countries space agencies and defensive forces to operate together with all other countries and expose any negative influences from beings not of Earth origin and prevent a world war from ever occuring again on Earth and end the conflicts that currently exist by mobilizing peacekeeping and peacemaking forces for the betterment of all life on Earth and therefore for all Terrans (which is the name for all life on Earth). This is specifically to counter the effects of #thecabal which is the term for the loose knit organization that exists and has been planning a negative future for humanity and the rest of life on Earth.

Prana Corps
This is the spiritual side of things that composes the religions and spiritual practices that help beings grow on their ascension path. Part of the Prana Corps is the #AngelCorps to which the #Lightworkers (aka Angels in Training) belong and they all report to the #WorldCouncil. There are many paths that beings take during their lifetime to help them learn lessons as to what they want and what they don’t want as well as what they need to learn in order to grow into spiritual beings themselves one day, for the physical side of life is only but a part of life! There are many beings on Earth that have felt a calling to do good, be good, Love others and Help Others - which is the way of the Universe and #TheMovement and these beinags are #Lightworkers and implementors of #TheCreator & #PrimeCreator’s plan for the future of humanity, which is that of manifesting Heaven to be a place on Earth and for the World to be at Peace and live in Unity with each other and the environment. There are those that would detract from those plans and they are primarily #thecabal and #familyofdarkness but their efforts are in vain for there is no one that can stop #TheMovement with its tremendous Light (truth) and Love which is the most powerful force in the entire World. #thecabals plan was to divide and conquer and they have pitted many religions against each other and caused a great deal of confusion and suffering, which they will have to answer for in short order, especially as people start waking up as well as the animals on Earth! For it is ALL LIFE that is invited to make amends for any past negative actions and work together in #TheMovement by swearing allegiance to it and therefore God and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

World Council:
Comprised of the Elohim and the Head of the Gods as well as the Council of 12. Oversees the #PranaCorps, #TheFederation, #DimensionalCorps, #TimeCorps.

Universal Council:
Comprised of the ascended masters and other spiritual hierarchy members that oversee the operations and goings on in the Universe.

Global Council:
The leadership of each planet, comprised of an #MyLifeUnion and #OurLifeUnion rep, as well as #OurLifeCorps leadership members, #TheCitizensCorps leadership members, #PranaCorps leadership and elected leaders for each region on the planet, countries primarily as well as a liason from the #WorldCouncil.

National Council:
The leadership of each country, comprised of major party leaders who work with the minority parties to the best extent possible, as well as a #MyLifeUnion, #OurLifeUnion, #TheCitizensCorps, #OurLifeCorps, and #PranaCorps member for the country as well as liasons from the #WorldCouncil and #GlobalCouncil.

Regional Council:
The leadership of each individual region such as state or territory or province, comprised of at least one leader that represents ALL citizens in the region and 2-4 deputies who represent the majority of the citizens together as a quorum along with a #MyLifeUnion, #OurLifeUnion, #TheCitizensCorps, #OurLifeCorps and #PranaCorps member for the region as well as liasons from the #WorldCouncil and #GlobalCouncil.

Municipal Council:
The leadership team for each city and town, with one leader that represents ALL citizens in the city or town and 2-4 deputies that also function as councillors or representatives of specific parts of the running of the city, as well as a #MyLifeUnion, #OurLifeUnion, #TheCitizensCorps, #OurLifeCorps and at least one #PranaCorps member for each major spiritual pathway as well as a liason from the #WorldCouncil and #GlobalCouncil.
The term for the political parties that unite together to effect the #WPPM (World Peace and Prosperity Mandate) and to ensure that local laws fall within the #UniversalRights and #UniversalLaws.

Note that this is a very old Movement but yet the organization has been very loose and not as unified the last little while as it was in ancient times, yet so much has changed and there is much content that is being worked on by small groups and by each person alive on the planet by way of their desires for change and their conversations with others about what is right and what is wrong.. So we are using social media to connect with these groups and people who care and as a way to effect open governance and not hide things we are doing things for the most part quite public ally so that there can be no question as to the goals of #TheMovement and to encourage others to participate and share what they have been working on and come together to fix our planet And the universe in which we live!
Some may not get this plan or scope of what we are doing or what we have been up against nor see the feasibility of the plan based on the current situation here on Earth and in particular the region they live in. To them I ask them strongly to believe. Believe that miracles can and do happen and that this plan and #TheMovement in general is divine in nature and think about this, those that have been directing much of humanity and have in the past held influential positions in society were (as many will be changing) luciferians and were used to getting their way through manipulation of minds and advanced technology that stems from off this planet and yet from its past as well. Believe that Angels do exist and call on them for advice and help when needed - or call on the ascended masters, for there is much life in this Universe that a normal being hasn't been able to see or contact and hadn't been informed of in the past! But there is a whole World beyond what most people know of currently to discover and many truths that will be revealed over the coming weeks and months and years!
I look forward to working with all the other members if #TheMovement to help unite you and those you care about with the rest of humanity, life on Earth and Beyond!

Devan Pettersson wrote on July 8th, 2015

Below are the goals that we are planning on reaching in the coming weeks, months and year(s)!
Heaven as a place on Earth - Goals!
+ World Peace and Inner Peace [End to violence, wars and negative actions]
+ ‪#‎UniversalLaws‬ are followed and enforced by Peacekeepers and Peacemakers
+ ‪#‎UniversalRights‬ are valued, effected and enforced
+ New Energy sources are the most prevalent on Earth and beyond
+ Humanity is in touch with our galactic & Universal brothers and sisters in the open and not hidden or only available to a few and that ‪#‎TheFederation‬ is in place as a public entity
+ ‪#‎TheSystem‬ is in place to give informed choice
+ Your job is your role in life and is your passion
+ The ‪#‎MyLife‬ & ‪#‎OurLifeUnions‬ are in place to protect & enforce #UniversalLaws #UniversalRights ‪#‎UniversalLabourCode‬
+ ‪#‎TheCoalition‬ is in place to unite political parties on basic needs / desires / goals
+ ‪#‎TheCorporation‬ is established that ties in all small businesses into one large consortium (but individuals still own their businesses and a piece of the whole) and are sharing / working together
+ ‪#‎TheDevice‬ is in everyones hands and secures everyones lives and information
+ Love is shared more freely amongst humanity, with all life in general as well as the planet that we reside on.
+ Sex is viewed from a healthier standpoint and seen as an important / normal part of life, shared between partners.
+ Teachers are respected more, paid handsomely, given better tools & systems to really grow our youth and to re-train adults as well.
+ Monetary systems replaced globally & universally with a more fair and equitable system for everyone.
+ Truths about World events are made public (False Flags / Assasinations / Allegiances and Alliances).
+ Products are made to last, not simply be used and discarded
+ Greed & Corruption have been wiped out and exist only as memories.
+ Open Governance and a liquid democracy system is in place (#TheSystem)
+ Everyone makes a living wage
+ Education is provided free for all level to all citizens
+ Happiness is measured and taken extremely seriously!
+ Gender Equality is achieved which starts by uniting each gender on their own in ‪#‎TheCitizensCorps‬ and viewed as one part of the whole and re-training / re-forming old beliefs and balancing our Yin & Yang energies embracing the qualities of all genders!
+ Planetary Ascension paths for everyone completed and Earth can Ascend as well with its inhabitants living in harmony as well as Peace / Unity with our environment
+ End of enslavement of humanity and other life forms
+ World Debt forgiveness (Jubilee)
+ Locally grown foods and manufactured goods
+ Hemp & cannabis are cultivated world wide again
+ Stressors minimized or eliminated
+ Universal Healthcare
+ Environmentalism is a widely held belief and practice!
+ Racism is no longer
+ #TheFederation is in place to defend our home planet & explore new worlds
+ Everyones vote counts and consensus is reached regarding our lives paths and the direction we jointly take.
+ Religions are united and no longer work against each other but instead work with each other.
+ Universal Labour code
+ Universal employee benefit plan