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Sustainable Development Goals
(08/21/2023 - 08/15/2024)

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My survey results impacted me and left me very concerned about the damage that people like me are doing to the planet. Daily little acts can cooperate with worldwide problems such as climatic change and the planet's temperature. I feel that even with the information being public, governments are doing little to help this cause. Unfortunately, even if a significant percentage of the population executes lifestyle changes to help the Earth, the change would not reduce the existing damage. Therefore, governments should require industries and companies to promote, fund, and execute programs to improve the environment.
My survey results showed that that 2 earths would be needed to sustain the population if everyone practice a similar lifestyle as mine the people would live much better. To reduce the ecological footprint I would like to reduce processed foods because is a lower food dietary which will help the population be more healthy. In that aspect of not having to think about processed foods like McDonalds etc they process food which is bad for the population Because it's very unhealthy. I consume process foods like McDonalds but not all the time is ok once a time it would be better to reduce obesity I would like to change many other things to see how ecological footprint is going to be looking like. The ecological footprint is a major impact on our everyday lives and my idea of reducing process foods is key to see changes in the futures to come. If money wasn't the issue I would advocate for big food processed companies to stop making these types of foods which impact many people daily.
My survey results showed that four and a half earths would be needed to sustain the population if everyone practiced a lifestyle similar to my own. That number was surprising and is unsustainable. To reduce my ecological footprint I would like to reduce my commutes as I suspect it is the most abundant contributor to my ecological foot print. I drive half an hour to and from work each day or take a two hour bus ride. I will try to change this and other contributors to reduce my ecological footprint as I think it is important for future generations to have access to a healthy earth. If cost wasn’t an issue I would convert my home’s main source of energy to solar power as Florida is always sunny and it would reduce my ecological footprint.