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MAN 366P - Social Entrepreneurship (04982) - Fall 2015

This class is completed and is no longer open.


This area is meant to document the number of volunteer hours each of you invest in this course. When you attend class, research your projects, work on your projects, etc., please note the amount of time you spent by logging it:

1)  click your name in the menu bar above
2)  select 'Add Impact'

Do this at least weekly during the course of our class.
CourseMAN 366P (04982)
Instructor/ProfessorDennis Passovoy
Semester:Fall 2015
CollegeMcCombs School of Business
Class TimeMW 3:30 - 5:00pm
Service Learning TypeEngaged Research
Class StatusRegularly Taught
Class TypeTraditional
Social Website
13 People | 590 Impacts | 49,644 Economic Impact | 2,202 Hours