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Big Partner/Little Partner



Big Partner Little Partner is a mentorship program that pairs Gustavus students and youth from St. Peter and the surrounding communities to foster friendship and personal growth. The program is in its 53rd year at Gustavus and continues to be a success program for both the Gustavus and St. Peter communities.

Big Partner Little Partner pairs meet 3-4 times a month for about an hour. These meeting times are determined by the flexibility of the student and the Little Partner. Monthly events will be put on by the program coordinators that will fulfill that weeks meeting time for the pair. Please refer to emails, social media and the calendar below for updates on dates, times and locations of these events. 

Mission Statement

To build stronger ties between the St. Peter Community and Gustavus Adolphus College by having the leaders of today mentor the leaders of tomorrow through a one-on-one relationship.

Program Goals

Big Partner Little Partner as a whole strives to attain three goals within each mentoring pair which include:

  • Interpersonal Skills -- Relationships and communication between people
  • Intrapersonal Skills -- Language or thought occurring within the individual self
  • Academic Skills -- Age-appropriate school activities related to writing, reading, and mathematical problem-solving
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CausesChildren & Youth Community
132 People | 950 Impacts | 29,310 Economic Impact | 1,300 Hours

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