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Our mission is to provide a free resource for parents to find out what events are available for families in Northwest Arkansas. As part of "Do Something Great" Day, Macaroni Kid publishers across the country seek to make a difference in their communities by sponsoring charity events & supporting non-profits. There are over 12,000 patients per year that look to the Nat'l Bone Marrow Registry for a match. A patient only has a 30% chance of matching someone in their own family. I am hosting this event to raise awareness about how simple the process of registering is, to help add more individuals to the registry and to educate the public on the need for more people on the Registry. Currently, only 4% of Americans are registered donors. It is free for anyone ages 18-44 to join the Registry & only requires paperwork & a cheek swab. Event will occur at the Fayetteville Public Library.
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