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Work-It-Off (Transit & Parking)

This group is completed and is no longer open.



After a long process of working with the University’s Transit & Parking Office, Associated Student Government recently approved an initiative to allow students to perform community service to cover the costs of parking tickets incurred on campus.  In March, the ASG Senate overwhelmingly voted to pass this initiative of the Renner Administration.

The “Work It Off” Program will be run similarly to what sometimes occurs in the University’s Judicial Board decisions, according to Stewart Tice, ASG Director of Transit & Parking.  This will allow students to perform at least two hours of community service after receiving a citation, and will be able to apply this service to one citation per academic year.  Utilizing ASG’s partnership with the Volunteer Action Center on campus, students will be able to log in to the VAC’s web site to help facilitate this process.

“This provides an incentive for a new population of students to utilize the Volunteer Action Center – an experience we hope they’ll enjoy and return to, benefiting both the University and NWA Communities,” ASG President Bo Renner said.

After setting up an online account through the Volunteer Action Center, students will have access to service opportunities approved by the Center for Community Engagement. Upon completion of their volunteer hours, they will print off these logged hours and bring them to the Parking and Transit Department, much in the way that they would bring a check to pay off a ticket.

“This is an easy and unique way to encourage students to engage in community service through the VAC, while hopefully at the same time, curving their frustration with parking on campus. If we can get students in the habit of serving our community during college, they are much more likely to continue once they graduate. This is a good, innovative idea that we are excited to start.”

The program will run until the end of the spring 2014 academic semester, and pick up at the start of the fall 2015 academic semester. Some key specifics to keep in mind:

  • Students would be limited to a maximum of one citation, per academic year, in which they may “work-off,” as the program’s aim is to get as many people involved in the community as possible, not to allow abuse by repeat offenders.
  • A cap of 1,000 tickets that can be “worked-off” will be enforced per academic year. After 1,000 tickets have been “worked-off,” tickets must be paid in full.
  • Two hours of community service must be completed regardless of fine cost.
  • The two community service hours must be performed following the written citation date (as shown on the service log printed by the student).
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