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Ray of Hope



Ray of Hope is a non-profit community organization focused on providing children in the Eagledale/Flackville area with Hope for the future. Many are one parent households, with little adult supervision, or have as many as 10 people living in a 3 bedroom/1 bath house. Many "parents" have not finished high school themselves, do not have basic life skills and are struggling to survive day to day. It is difficult in these circumstances to offer a path to a better life, if they are even aware it exists. Extreme poverty and lack of education is in our own back yard. It has happened gradually over a number of years and many fail to recognize it even exists. We have started an after school program and partnered with YMCA Butler intercollegiate, St. Michael-St. Gabriel school, to help provide mentoring. We also collect pop tabs/cans to send kids to summer camp. If the child has A's, B's & C's, they will earn a week at summer camp. 2014 we sent 4 kids and 2015 5 kids. Ray of Hope is striving to lift the community. Assistance of capable individuals are needed in tutoring, education on budgets, basic life skills, 5 days a week, 1 day a week or even 1 day a month. Volunteers to help Mentor, Tutor and most of all give love... for these children will be running our Country, if they are unable to read... what will happen? I ask that you join me on this mission.

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