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Bella Vista Volunteers




Started in the Spring of 2015, Bella Vista Volunteers is an independent project that will ultimately provide a comprehensive clearinghouse for all volunteer activities within the city of Bella Vista, Arkansas. The cornerstone for this project is an online volunteer management system that can be used by all groups and volunteer events. Once someone in a particular group is trained on the software, that group will have unlimited use of the system, allowing them to track their own private volunteer activities or to post opportunities that are open to the public. There is no cost to any volunteer or group.

Bella Vista Volunteers has the full participation and support of both the city of Bella Vista and the Bella Vista Property Owners Association (POA). With this project, our village will finally be able to document all the volunteer hours worked in Bella Vista, providing better information when we apply for awards and grants.

We hope this project will inspire you to volunteer your time to help your neighbors. We all love Bella Vista and this is how we share our lives.

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