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When children lose a parent to prison, they often lose their home and stability and their future is tenuous at best. These youth are “doing time” while their parents are and they face significant risk factors that can make it difficult for them to succeed.

At Seedling, our mission is to support children challenged by parental incarceration with innovative, research-driven, school-based mentoring. And our vision is that all children will have the support they need to achieve and prosper despite life challenges and circumstances. With Seedling, you will be mentoring a child one day a week during the child's lunch time. Mentors commit an average of 30-45 minutes each week for a school year to build a friendship with their youth while serving as a positive role model. Our program staff will work closely with you and the schools to ensure that you have the resources and support you need to be a successful mentor. 

All it takes to become a Seedling Mentor is filling out a Mentor Profile on our website, completing background checks, and attending an orientation session. Please visit our website today at or call us at 512-323-6371.

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