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CLOSED - Mercy College of Ohio




Mercy College Hoffman Ambassador Program                

The Mercy College Hoffman Ambassadors are a group of ten students committed to service to the Toledo and Mercy College communities. They are full of enthusiasm and leadership potential that is developed in the yearlong commitment. Each Hoffman Ambassador is required to perform 250 hours of service which includes leadership training and meetings.  

13 People | 797 Impacts | 59,017 Economic Impact | 2,617 Hours




Hi, everyone!
Just a note... be sure the date you give for your impact is the date you performed your service, not the date you are posting it.
Good job everyone so far... we have given 91 hours of service already and it isn't even October!
Hello, Hoffman Ambassadors,
I am sending this message through GivePulse. Hope it works! (I must think positive!!)
One thing I have noticed ... when I log in to see your Impact, unless you have written something in the "Review, Reflection, Feedback" block, I don't know where you did your service.
Please put where you did your service in that block!
You can certainly give a comment too. But be sure to write the place so I can connect it to the
timesheets you have given me.
Hope this makes sense!
Sister Sally
Hello fellow Ambassadors, I am excited to start working with you all! Hope you have an amazing year being an Ambassador and I hope to provide some sort of insight since I am a 2nd year Ambassador! See you guys Friday afternoon.