GO FAR (Go Out For A Run)



GO FAR (Go Out For A Run)® is an eight to 10-week comprehensive fitness program designed to teach children of all abilities about healthy eating, goal setting, and how to train to walk/run a 5K. GO FAR was created to fight the childhood obesity epidemic while teaching children healthy habits that can be sustained throughout their lives.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, GO FAR provides an easy way for teachers, coaches and/or parents to create running clubs in their schools and communities. The flexible, turn-key curricula can be offered in the classroom, during a summer camp, or as an after-school program. GO FAR provides training and ongoing support to clubs each step of the way.


It is our vision to ignite a passion for healthy living among children, families and communities.


It is our mission to empower children through an innovative running program to achieve their goals and pursue healthy lifestyles. GO FAR helps to …

  • get children active
  • reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and its complications
  • teach children about healthy eating habits that they can sustain into adulthood
  • model the importance of good character and how it applies to success in life
  • show children how to set and achieve goals and complete a 5K road race

GO FAR creates a ripple effect in schools and communities when children motivate their teachers, parents and siblings to get involved.

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