Karaoke 5k Run



This is Karaoke 5k! This untimed run is exactly what you hope it will be. A concert on your city streets, by you and your friends, getting as ridiculous as ridiculous gets, and singing out loud with all those tunes you never get tired of hearing!

Thanks to our radio partner, every runner will be given their own radio to play, a mic (yes it's fake, thanks), and when the start gun fires... the station will start a rowdy karaoke playlist to sing right along with. Everything happens out loud. Headphones?? No! Not that day. All these radios play out loud, and with everyone singing right along. Yes, it's true.

Kids, coworkers, rock stars, and that girl you swear you're eventually going to talk to, everyone's welcome! We're lining up all kinds of fun Austin schwag for a great day around the city after the race AND you'll be helping raise $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity! So, grab your friends, grab a mic, and get out here and make it happen!
88 People | 10 Impacts | 33 Hours