Zealous Empowering Nurturer, Inc



Zealous Empowering Nurturer, Incorporated (ZEN) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2021 by April Booker.  ZEN was created to lessen food insecurities by providing the community access to a garden where they can grow their own fresh foods, become educated on the benefits of gardening, learn from one another and build friendships. 

In addition, ZEN developed five programs to actively promote healthy eating in the Charlotte, NC community by providing resources to local schools to start or maintain a garden, partnering with local long term care facilities to bring a garden to the facility, and donating fresh fruits and vegetables to local food banks.  Check out our website www.bethezen.org to learn more about our programs and discover ways to get involved as we grow with purpose.  

Sustainable Development Goals
64 People | 10 Impacts | 27 Hours