1 Can



Our Mission

The mission of 1CAN Inc. is to reduce the number of children, adults & families suffering from food insecurity.

Our Story

1CAN began in 2019 as Cabarrus Blessing Boxes. After months of seeking the ideal location, Founder Sheryl Kluge obtained approval from Concord’s Fire Chief Ray Allen. The first Blessing Box was built by Officer Chris Carpenter and installed at Fire Station 5 in Concord, NC.

Sheryl's desire was to provide a place where anyone could go to obtain nonperishable food items without having to fill out forms or qualify. They could just simply go to the box and take what they needed to feed their family. Within a few months it was clear that the need was larger than anticipated and more boxes were needed. By the end of 2019 there were a total of 4 Blessing Boxes in Cabarrus County.

In 2020 because of the Pandemic, families effected by food insecurity skyrocketed, and another 3 boxes  were added in other areas within Cabarrus County. Sheryl realized to continue assisting families in need, Cabarrus Blessing Boxes needed to become an official nonprofit. in August of 2020. 1CAN Inc. was founded and received its 501c3 status. 1CAN was able to assist families with over 20,000 food and personal hygiene items in 2020.

1CAN also worked with residents of Cabarrus County to supply food and hygiene kits. Businesses and local government agencies approved and supported building more boxes. Community partners, One Life and Sojourner Church hosted food drives, launched congregational challenges, and provided various in-kind and monetary donations to help further the mission of 1CAN. Organizations such as The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, the YMCA, and National Pageant Queens, serve the community by volunteering with 1CAN to build boxes, host food drives, and complete needed projects.  

Sustainable Development Goals
177 People | 1,927 Impacts | 3,107 Hours