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Service Learning



It’s obvious that you can get involved with service by joining an established outreach organization, but what you may not know is that you also have many opportunities to engage in service through your day-to-day coursework. Service-learning is the term used to describe classes that take course concepts and test them out in the real world through service. As a student, you’ll take what you learn in class and apply it as a volunteer in the community or with a non-profit organization. You’ll then take what you learn during your service experience back into the classroom.

Service-learning is the perfect illustration of how important going beyond the confines of campus is to our faculty. La Salle’s average class size of 19, and student/faculty ratio of 15 to 1, help faculty play an active role in all aspects of the service-learning experience. These factors also allow you, the student, more personal interaction with your professor inside and outside of the classroom, giving you access to your teacher seldom found at other schools.

Currently a dozen academic major and minor programs include a total of 39 service-learning courses.