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Baty Elementary-Career Day




On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 our 3rd-5th grade students will participate in our annual Career Day. This is an enriching time for our students to hear about a variety of professions from volunteers in the community. The presenters speak about their training/certification, tools, experience, and things they enjoy most about their career. The presenters are in one location and different classes from the same grade level rotate to the speaker for a 15 minute presentation and then rotate to the next presenter. Career Day events begin at 8:00 and conclude around 10:30.

I am reaching out to you today to see if you might be interested in volunteering your time.
Some examples of job/professions/careers for Career Day:


·         Artists-painters, photographers, singers, dancers, musicians, actors

·         Business & Industry-Journalism, marketing, finance, video production, gaming

·         Public Service- government jobs, military, police, firefighters, EMS, hospitality, tourism, nursing, medical

·         STEM-engineers, mathematicians, scientists, computer science

Thank you for your time. If you are interested please email me at or call me at (512) 386-3450. Thank you :)

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