Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas



Our mission is to advance educational opportunities for Hispanic women and their families, to celebrate and teach others about our culture, and to become active participants in the community. Celebrating Education, Culture, and Community. HWOA participates in non-partisan voter registration in Washington and Benton Counties, seeking to increase not only Latino participation but the whole community in community affairs. HWOA targets the underegistered, infrequent voters and new citizens. Also promotes citizenship and civic participation among Hispanics in Washington and Benton counties. The organization also provides GEM (Guiding, Empowering, and Mentoring), a program that helps language minority residents using tailored educational programs and support systems to help them reach their full potential. Participants acquire marketable job skills and learn to navigate the system to find opportunities for self-development, education and employment. Under this program HWOA offers:
  1. Personal development workshops
  2. Parenting classes/Clases para padres
  3. Computer classes in Spanish
  4. Computer lab for educational programs
15 People | 23 Impacts | 76 Hours | 2,065 Total Economic Impact

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