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Festival Beach Community Garden - ORCHARD



The Festival Beach Community Garden is 2-acres of property at the corner of Waller and Clermont Streets in East Austin, divided into affordable garden plots and community spaces. Since opening in April 2010, our garden has grown to include more than 80 gardeners growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants. The site provides communal tools, irrigation and a space for educational and community events. Our planning committees are volunteer-driven, made up of gardeners and community members. We strive to serve East Austin by: Providing local gardeners with a reliable source of fresh, nutritious and affordable food. Creating a gathering space that brings together diverse neighbors to encourage cooperation, collaboration and friendship. Serving as a source of regular food donations to nearby food pantries. Providing a community space for free educational and enrichment activities on a variety of topics related to gardening, healthy living and our community. Creating a sustainable urban-nature ecosystem that provides a habitat for wildlife and transforms an underutilized space into a beautiful and useful community area.