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Compassionate Care Hospice - Volunteer



Compassionate Care Hospice takes care of patients primarily in their home. Home is defined by the patient and therefore can mean an individuals house or apartment, a long-term care facility or assisted living. It is our goal to control patients symptoms while keeping them in their home, where they are most comfortable, surrounded by the people and things that are most familiar and meaningful to them. After an experience with hospice, families will often ask us if there is some way they can contribute to the needs of terminally ill patients and their families. One of our most invaluable resources is our volunteer program. Many of our volunteers were previously involved with hospice as family members. View our Volunteers brochure. How does a volunteer support hospice? Providing respite to family Socialization: reading, playing cards, sewing, simply being a friendly visitor to a patient Office and administrative support Offering their unique talents in any way toward supporting patients, families, and the community at-large Compassionate Care Hospices volunteer programs are supervised by a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator, who will provide orientation to hospice, Compassionate Care and some of the healthcare regulations that are important to be aware of.