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Holy Word Lutheran Church



Holy Word Lutheran Church serves the north Austin community by caring for others, sharing hope and preparing people for lives of service.
11 People | 1 Impact | 9 Hours




Good Evening Everyone,

Tomorrow is It's My Park Day in Austin, the largest volunteer event of the year. Some of you are asking whether there will be other Holy Word volunteers at the Gus Garcia Park tomorrow. I (Pastor Dan) will be at the Lutheran Women's Mission Society Spring Rally hosted at Holy Word Austin. However, I've heard from several of you that you'll be at the park clean up event.

Even if you're unaware of others attending, still attend the event. Discover the adventure of meeting new people around a common cause: making our neighborhood beautiful. And keep Jesus in your heart as you speak to people who may or may not know the joy of Christ's forgiveness and peace.

I wish I could be there tomorrow. If anyone who attends could give me a follow-up report, that'd be awesome.


Pastor Dan Laitinen