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The FoodRight team appreciates your interest in changing the local food system through youth empowerment and education!

Click "JOIN" on the upper left of the screen. You will be approved within 24 hrs. on a business day. Once approved, you will be able to view and sign up for in-class shifts. 

Thank you. We look forward to having you in the cooking classroom!


Welcome to the FoodRight family! It's officially time to get cookin'! Join FoodRight instructors and our Youth Chef Academy "chefs in training" in the classroom and lead students 4th to 8th grade in creating globally-inspired, nutritious and delicious plant-based dishes. 

It's simple! Click "JOIN" on the upper left corner of the screen. You will be approved within 24 hrs. on a business day, at which time, you will be able to view and sign up for any and all of FoodRight's Youth Chef Academy volunteer opportunities!


Before you join us in the classroom, review our Youth Chef Academy Volunteer Training: watch here!

Can't make your volunteer shift? Review our cancellation policy:

  • How to cancel with more than 24 hrs. before volunteer shift: You're able to cancel your volunteer shift by scrolling to the bottom of any of the reminder emails you receive from "FoodRight [GivePulse]" where it states "If you must cancel, click here." 
  • How to cancel with less than 24 hrs. before volunteer shift: If you must cancel less than a day before your shift, please let us know ASAP by emailing Community Relations Manager, Leslie, at and CC Communications Specialist, Maire Cait, at
  • Volunteer illness: Please do not come to class if you are feeling ill. If it is less than 24 hrs. before class, please email Community Relations Manager, Leslie, at ASAP. We ask you let us know as soon as possible, so the volunteer shift can be filled by someone else.

Please know that we value your health and wellbeing at FoodRight, however, your timely communication about emergency situations or illness is important to ensure adequate coverage in our classrooms. 

Thank you for helping us empower youth to make choices that positively impact life-long health! Did you know you can make an even bigger IMPACT?

  • Click on the blue "Impact" button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Tell our volunteers, service learners, parents and students all about your experience in the classroom. You can even ask an instructor to take a picture of you with your cooking group and then upload it to YOUR IMAPCT.

*Pictures containing any minors may not be shared on any other social media platform - they are vetted here on GivePulse. 

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