Southern Pines Animal Shelter

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Read this prior to Adoption Counseling Training Day
10/9/19 8:41pm
10/9/19 8:43pm
Volunteer Orientation for Southern Pines Animal Shelter.
10/1/19 4:45pm
7/18/19 8:32pm
Our Volunteer Handbook contains all essential information volunteers need to navigate our volunteer program.
7/18/19 1:53pm
Our Volunteer Positions give each volunteer a role that fits their skills into identified roles that support our shelter's mission.
7/18/19 3:38pm
Our helpful guide for how to properly walk dogs at the shelter.
7/18/19 5:25pm
Volunteer Waiver that all volunteers must agree to before volunteering.
7/18/19 8:24pm
An animal shelter is a dynamic setting. As we come together in pursuit of our noble, but emotional work let's keep our workplace culture in mind.
7/18/19 4:06pm