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Austin Animal Center

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Austin Animal Coalition map
9/17/15 4:35pm
10/27/15 8:50pm
AAC Volunteer Agreement fillable PDF
11/18/15 3:37pm
Your guide to all aspects of the shelter! All new volunteers must read this guide and sign the related agreement that confirms you understand the material within.
11/13/15 7:15pm
What to do if you are approached by a customer before/after hours with a stray animal.
1/16/15 9:46pm
Job descriptions of various volunteer opportunities.
9/16/15 4:51pm
The guide used by shelter staff to help in the process of applying a behavioral rating to an animal.
1/16/15 9:48pm
Helping to market Desperate Housecats from the comfort of your home.
1/16/15 9:07pm
7/11/15 8:13pm
Updated guide to Givepulse!
9/24/15 2:21pm
9/24/16 5:14pm
Volunteer job opportunity!
12/20/15 5:58pm
The guide used by Veterinary staff when applying a medical level to an animal.
1/16/15 9:48pm
Description of the volunteer job positions at the AAC Free Rabies Clinic.
2/9/15 5:42pm
How and when to use the radio to get help from staff.
1/30/15 8:38pm
How to help our Rescue Coordinator.
1/16/15 9:09pm
8/26/15 6:01pm
Workplace Culture agreement fillable PDF
11/18/15 3:36pm