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Harrison Tran
Rachaell Diaz
Anoop Gurram
Sarah Buchanan

Sarah @ Apprenticeship RI

I finished the healthcare video for the website and started the tutorials for the new software that is being implemented.

Gave 4.00 Hours on Feb 22, 2018 with Bonner Community Fellowship, BrownEngage, The Swearer Center
Jenny Lee

We had a meeting with our Site Leaders and Bonner fellows to discuss logistics of the training this coming Saturday and worked on recategorization forms to hopefully receive more funding.

Gave 2.00 Hours on Feb 22, 2018 with Bonner Community Fellowship, BrownEngage, Community Corps - PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning), The Swearer Center
Hacheming Compere
Cayla Kaplan

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Aleksa Lambert
Rebecca Ho

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Emily Nguyen

This week, we started by doing some Zumba and playing freeze dance.

We then brainstormed ideas for the play we are creating.

Gave 4.00 Hours on Feb 21, 2018 with BrownEngage, Community Corps - BEAM, Community Corps Program, The Swearer Center
Emily Nguyen

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Rainbow Chen

Shopped for Community Meeting supplies (pizza, candy, etc), participated in half of the workshop, and facilitated the second half of the workshop regarding storytelling through methods of leadership and linking those pieces together with "community", "exhibitionism", "observation", and "change/leadership". Ended programming early to do community meeting activities with youth that stayed, which involved fun self-love games, pizza, candy, and warm & fuzzies.

Gave 4.50 Hours on Feb 21, 2018 with Bonner Community Fellowship

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Thaouyen Pham
Karina Ortiz

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