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Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc.

Donita Massey
Jeff Selig
Mike McDonald
Alexis Bishop
Kirk (the Admiral) Brown
Heather Evans
Joyce Paywa

Because of the change to the Ascent, and as we had originally been scheduled to help at the Summit, we helped at No Name. We had a great time helping here. It was a great group of volunteers and the runners were very appreciative. My daughter and I have volunteered with the PPA for approximately 9 to 10 years and we will continue to do so.

Gave 8.00 hours on 08/18/2018
Trudy Decoronado

I was suppose to be at summit handing out medals however with race shortened we did trash detail, sorting sweat check bags, moving tables, handing out sandwiches to volunteers, cheering for a few waves at start of race and then handing out medals in the tent and directing runners to bag pick up and beer. There were a lot of chiefs per se instead of leaders. People clearly had had no idea what the ultimate goal was bag pick up and at least 5 people I can remember all had their own ideas which was very confusing to the people who were part of the summit group that were trying to help out. The leader (and he truly was) of the summit group was awesome and I would volunteer under him again. I know things changed at last minute but with all the years this race has occurred I would think by now you all have immediate back up plans instead of the clear disorganization that occurred. Runners again this year were not happy with the tight quarters of the tents and lack of exits/entry ways. They didn’t like the super long beer line either. Medals would have had a different place to be handed out instead of middle of entry way. There should have been one tent that had 2 ends opened for shirts to be handed out at front (entry) and medals at the end(exit of tent) and everything else should have been in separate tent(s). Again I know the race was cut short but alternate plans should always be in place especially for a race like this one.

Gave 8.00 hours on 08/18/2018
Jerry Evans